Please explore the FAQs below to answer some basic questions.
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What kinds of topics does Dr. Drew specialize in?

Dr. Drew has worked with individuals to make progress on many kinds of social, relational, work, and personal issues, like the examples below:

  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Interpersonal and relational difficulties
  • Habit formation, cessation, and replacement
  • Personal empowerment and growth
  • Career coaching
  • Individual life development plans
  • Major life decisions
  • Personal and professional skills development
  • Workplace difficulties, including harassment and discrimination
What is Dr. Drew’s professional background?

Dr. Drew is a PhD research psychologist, specializing in the intersections of individuals, organizations, and identity. He holds PhD and Masters degrees in psychology from Purdue University. He also obtained a Masters in Evidence-based Social Intervention at the University of Oxford, in the School of Social Policy and Social Work, where he specialized in computer-delivered interventions for depression. Dr. Drew also obtained his bachelor’s degree in social work, which acts as the foundational core of his coaching values.

Does Dr. Drew offer a free first session?

Of course. A good coaching environment is one wherein you feel totally comfortable to be yourself, set your goals, and control the pace of your progress. For this reason, it’s important that you and your coach are aligned in ways that matter to you. All new clients are requested to begin with a complimentary 15-minute session to make sure coaching with Dr. Drew is right for them.

What can I expect out of a first session?

Your 15-minute complimentary first session is your chance to present your goals or concerns to Dr. Drew and ask him any questions you may have. It’s a chance for both of you to get a feel for each other and decide how you’d like to continue forward.

What kind of coaching does Dr. Drew offer?

Dr. Drew offers an approach to coaching that is client-centric and grounded in evidence-based practice. This means that the expert on the client is always the client. Dr. Drew will draw from his experiences and expertise to present new ways of viewing the client, their life, and their problems. Dr. Drew offers a non-judgmental, unconditionally open environment to explore the ideas, identity, and aspirations through both informal conversation and structured techniques.

Can I do sessions in person or online?

Whichever you’d like! If you would like to meet directly, Dr. Drew is available primarily in Bangkok, Thailand. For meetings outside of the greater Bangkok region, sessions can be conducted online

When can I make an appointment?

Dr. Drew will work with you to find a regular meeting time that meets your needs, whether that’s during the workday or after hours. To view his currently available slots for an initial session, click here.

My background or needs are specific. Will Dr. Drew understand me?

Every person’s challenges are unique and Dr. Drew will take time to explore your needs and background. He has worked extensively with people from unique backgrounds and those dealing with unique challenges. He is very welcoming of those from backgrounds of disability, LGBTQ+, and abuse and trauma. Please feel free to connect directly with your concerns.